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Entry ID #: 7275
Created: Fri, Jan 10, 2020 3:15 PM

I joined robotics this year for the first time. I thought robotics would only cover working with metal and other parts to achieve a challenge that Vex produced. I realized that robotics, at least at Wooster High School, is so much more than that. Our team and the other teams at Wooster have gone to many events in the community to serve people outside of our own robotics team. One example, as illustrated in the picture, is "Boo at Woo." At the event, the robotics teams from Wooster handed out candy and showed off our robots to younger kids who came around the halls of Wooster High School. The robotics station drew a lot of attention and dozens of kids said they wanted to be in robotics when they were old enough. That meant a lot to me. Seeing a younger generation still see the importance of working together as a team and a community is really inspirational. I hope I can come back in 15 years and see a thriving robotics community that I know was a part in shaping. 


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