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Moses Brown 1784C VEX IQ Promo


Entry ID #: 7114
Created: Wed, Jan 8, 2020 7:30 PM

This is our promo on why we love VEX IQ. We are fortunate enough to have a talented filmmaker on our team, so we felt like this was a challenge for us. We hope this makes you want to try VEX IQ as well!


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This is our video, we hope you enjoy. We put a lot of time into this, and this is real footage from our competition in Hopkinton, Massachusetts on December 7th. We are team 1784C part of the Moses Brown Robotics program. We are located in Providence, Rhode Island. Music: Youtube Audio Library, copyright free


   sed22901 on 01/19/2020

Great video from a great team!

   Sassawass on 01/19/2020

Tally ho my little engineers in the making!!

   Gloopppp on 01/19/2020

Jolly good stuff

   dvital on 01/15/2020

Amazing job!!!

   jschott on 01/14/2020

This is awesome!

   qhughes on 01/14/2020

How cool... I particularly like the sped-up view of the field construction!

   rvemmer on 01/14/2020

Excellent work Emma!

   Jorge1234 on 01/13/2020

Good video! Great footage

   pollydickinson25 on 01/13/2020

Awesome video. Love it!

   williamcromie26 on 01/13/2020

It’s so good! I’m in it!

   abbymarion24 on 01/13/2020

Yay! Plz vote for this! This video should win!

   spencermartin26 on 01/13/2020

This is neat! Nice footage

   reillyhughes26 on 01/13/2020