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VRC Promote Award Video 2020 ( 99157B )


Entry ID #: 7537
Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 10:45 PM

Team 99157B wanted to come up with an exciting and fun way to show what it takes to build a robot. Our video showcases the steps of the design process through a fun story where our robot grows like a fruit on a tree. Getting seeds from the store relates to finding the parts you need, getting rid of time consuming distractions is like getting rid of invasive weeds and so on. So next time you are struggling with building your robot and following the design process just think of it like you are growing an apple tree!!! Through this video we hope to share with others how fun building robots can be! Below are the steps to growing a tree that our team related to building a robot in our video submission: 1. Getting seeds at the store -> Finding the parts you need at 2. Get rid of pests and weeds -> Limit distractions like unexcused absences, excessive talking, and discouraging comments, and cluttered workspaces 3. Fertilize the soil -> Understand the rules of this year's challenge and format of VEX competitions, as it will help you come up with competitve ideas and strategies 4. Place seeds -> With your team brainstorm ideas and converse to decide on the best ones to move forward with 5. Water -> Put your best effort forward every meeting as time is limited and our new problems will always pop up. Being focused, diligent, and patient will help the team address challenges quickly 6. Prune Tree -> Test your ideas and strategies regularly and replace failed parts with improved ones 7. Harvest Fruits! -> Now that you've tested your robot many times and got it to overcome this year's VRC challenge, take your amazing robot to competition and compete!!!


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IronMechs 2.0 ( 99157B ) "How to Grow a Robot"