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"Robotics Fulfill Our Member's Life" Team7984 (Hong Kong)


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Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 8:10 AM

Team 7984 established in 2003. For 8 years, we discovered different type of student to enter CMAss Robotics Team. Most of them are not interested in academic aspect. However, joining VEX Team is the other away to discover and develop their talents before leaving school.  The most important thing is giving their hope to understand not only focus on academic results during their school life, but also help to develop their study path or career path. 


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Choosing 3 different classes of member to share their view of joining VEX Robotics Competition how to change their life become As a middle school member, he think VEX Robotics Competition make his school life more happier. Since elementary school did not have those experience before. Also, the competition help to unleashed his potentials, such as, communication skill, leadership skill and building positive attitude. As a high school member, getting ambitious to play the VEX Robotics Competition during their high school life. More than that, we looking for after their graduate in CMA Secondary School. He is more excited in step into other level to join VEX U and facing more challenge. Last but not least, we also invite a member of Team CMAA (VEX U). He is a former Team 7984B driver and builder and mentoring our team 7984. His sharing is giving a very strong support for our middle school and high team. Whatever Team 7984A, Team 7984B, Team 7984C, Team 7984D, Team 7984E or Team CMAA. We all from CMA Secondary Schoo and being a family forever.