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1064A Vex promo video


Entry ID #: 6942
Created: Sat, Dec 21, 2019 10:19 PM



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   kristalakirke on 01/16/2020

love this, Good luck :)

   singirikonda9 on 01/16/2020

Wow.. awesome team work and innovative idea All the best guys

   MsConnor on 01/16/2020

Great video! Good luck!

   gnarnationzero on 01/16/2020

Nice vid!

   andyzimmer05 on 01/16/2020

Sweet VID!

   gnarnationzero on 01/16/2020

Yoooo! This video is so good I'm so proud of you guys

   GbcDani on 01/16/2020

This made me want to get back into robotics!

   ILOVEANDDIMITRI on 01/15/2020

Amazing Video I felt truly inspired to pick up robotics after viewing this team (unfotunately I only have one eye but I can make do) I hope this team gets more votes!

   DPCRobot on 01/15/2020