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Vanguard 98807A
Entry ID #: 7064
Created: Tue, Jan 7, 2020 6:20 PM

In Wenatchee, WA, people who work in STEM make a huge difference in the way the community functions. For students who want to have an impactful career in the future, STEM jobs are opportunities to change the world. A perfect way to follow a career path in STEM is starting with VEX Robotics.  Our team, Jack in the Cube, would like to share the impact that VEX has had on our career ideas for the future. We would like to show the amazing experiences that VEX Robotics has given us.  You can make a difference in your community or your state, you can change the world with STEM by starting with VEX Robotics.  Start a VEX Team at


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   Droideka on 03/04/2020

Congrats on 2nd place!

   CheckingForUpdates on 01/18/2020

Very good editing and music!