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VRC Promote Award Online Challenge Sponsored by VEX Robotics

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition team that created and submitted an outstanding VRC promotional video. This video promotes the team in the community to recruit new students, mentors, and support. 

This is your big chance to tell us how great is your team! Be creative and have fun making a video which shows one or more of these parts of building VRC robots:

  • Why other youth would love building robots and should start a team or join your team.
  • What your team does.
  • How you design and build your robot.
  • What you learn from the VEX Robotics Competition.

You will see the rules for the challenge below, but the most important thing is to get people excited about your team!


5864A Macau Baptist College Vex Robotics


In this video, we showed our robotic room and our team members how to team work together. The Vex Robotics competition made us all fall in love with mechanical design and it is so fun to play with.

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Team Atenea


Look at this Girl Powered Team hard work looking forward to earn a place at VEX WORLDS 2020!

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Team Sandwich


At this video we present ourselves, what we do and specially why we love robotics!

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Team Yaguarete


We're all new to VRC this season and we're struggling among a bunch of very competitive teams.

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5760A Father Merc Rsports Vex Robotics


5760A is an all-girls team that inspires, promotes, and encourages young girls to take part in the Robotics and other STEM fields. In our northern isolated community, our industries are dominated by STEM and it is important for young girls to have role models in this field so they feel empowered to take part in it themselves. 5760A wants to lead the way for other young women and girls who want to take part in STEM and Robotics but don't have the chance because they feel intimidated to join a field so dominated by men.

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5760C Father Merc Rsports Vex Robotics


We are a diverse team of students striving towards victory. Enabled by our unique perspectives and high energy, we have fun at competitions regardless of our final performance. Using our differences, we have been able to work through all the stages of VEX; planning, designing, coding, building, driving and winning energy awards. Our enthusiasm is our key! 

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5760D Father Merc RSports VEX Robotics


At Father Mercredi Community High School, we value nurturing creative minds. With VEX Robotics Competitions, students manouevere through challenging tasks in an exciting and fun way. Whether it be in building, design, leadership, or programming, VEX robotics competitions prepare students for their future in ever-growing STEM fields. 


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VEX Promote Online Challenge


This challenge was used to show a promo video of our team.

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Promote Award 7035T


This video showcases how our team works together and how robotics has impacted our lives.

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why you should join robtics


in our video i will be describing why you should join vex robotics as a coach or as a member of a team.

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5760E Father Merc Rsports VEX Robotics


We are 5760E, a group of girls who've overcome challenges presented by the VEX competitions. We build robots around efficiency and completing the task as best fit. We use these experiences to learn about planning, building and problem solving!

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5760B Father Merc Rsports VEX Robotics


We are 5760B. We see the VEX competitions as an opportunity to gain experience. Robotics and STEM are growing fields, and we embrace the challenges presented to enhance our skills in areas such as leadership, planning, building, and troubleshooting. 

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3303X presents Robo Films - VEX Robotics


Planning, Programming, Testing, Strategic Thinking and Intense action - This April - Robo Films "VEX Robotics " by 3303X

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Gavin robotics


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A Journey of 7984A (ASIJ VEX Robotics Challenge...


7984A is the first time going to Japan for attend ASIJ VEX Robotics Challenge 2019. We are last minute note that we are able to join the competition. We all learning each other team. The most important thing is making friends with Japan team, Taiwan Team, USA Team and China Team. We all enjoy all the matches. Through each match, each challenge. We grow a little stronger, and become a little better. But in the end, we achieved results we never expected to get a Robot Skills Champion. Once agin, thanks for all ASIJ giving this opportunity for us to having a wondering experiences during the...

Our Robotic Trajectory “From Lego to metals”


Our Eagle’s Legend 2290A team has decided to participate in the Promote Award category of the online challenge. Our participation is inspired on the desire to promote our trajectory and evolution in robotics. Robotics is and has been, an integral influence on our academic performance as well as our social abilities and emotional intelligence and security. We aim to serve and provide inspiration to others, showing them how teamwork and hard work has taken us to outstanding performances in robotics competitions.

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985C Promote Award


Promote Award for the 2019 VEX Online Challenge

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"Our Favorite Things About Robotics"


"In this debut film by the RoboTurtles, the team presents a comedic yet poignant view of their favorite aspects of the VEX competition. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. This film is what this generation needs. A must-see for all ages." - Some critics probably

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VRC Promote Award 9573A


Apex Robotics is not just a team, but a program created and maintained to promote engineering and robotics to the school and to the community. We build robots to compete and go out to events to help teach students how to do what we do and to share our greatest passion.

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VRC Promote Award 9573X


Apex Robotics is not just a team, but a program created and maintained to promote engineering and robotics to the school and to the community. We build robots to compete and go out to events to help teach students how to do what we do and to share our greatest passion.

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Script Robotics Online Challenge


As a team we always want to improve ourselves in every way so we attend different platforms and give educations. We determine the daily schedule and make our robots up to the schedule. We give educations at diffrent schools. We make social responsibility project.

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CCA Cybereagles


Promotional video for the Calvary Christian Academy Cybereagles located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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Team Dynamic


A journey through robotics with our team. 44012D, Avon Lake High School, Kayland Morris.

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A Warrior's Challenge


Easy? In our team we never think that the serious thing ...
Impossible? Of course, no.
It is true that frustration is a very powerful enemy when time plays against you. Not to mention that the different personalities of our team didn't help much, ideas in constant opposition made this challenge increasingly complex.
But there is something that defines us all, and it is "We never give up."
And so it was, despite the difficulties, time ended up being the best ally, made us more united, we became a family, and there is no doubt that this family would...

"Would You Like To Join Robotics?"


Eastwood Robotics Promote Award VIdeo

Eastwood Roobtics Presents its Promote Award.  Eastwood Roobtics is proud to say that we have impacted the El Paso Area in terms of Robotics.  We have always promoted Robotics, by doing presentations, hosting tournaments, doing summer camps and partnering with local companies to raise money for the largest Girl Powered and more.  We are proud of all our work and here is 2019-20 Robotics Promote Video. 

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Yuh Mum's Spaghett's VRC Promote Hype Video!


This is the first year with Wooster Robotics displaying Middle School Teams! In honor of this, 44691B, Yuh Mums Spaghett's would like to display a couple of our highlights from our 6 weeks of work on our constructed masterpiece, Ragu. Our team so far has had positive energy all around and wanted to share some of it worldwide. I hope you enjoy seeing some of our few achievements, and our energy!                                                       ...

Why you should join robotics


We are a small group of high school students from central Massachusetts with a passion for technology and teamwork. This year we have been able to build a solid group of hard working, robotics loving students, and we wanted to capture our passion so that other students in following years could carry it on. Ultimately, we try to be inclusive over all else and to have fun with robotics, something that we hope to spread to future generations of students using this video.

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Revolutionizing the Future


VEX robotics encompasses not one singular element, rather, several hundreds. Our video highlights several key aspects of VEX robotics and what our team, 12M has learned from playing the game. We are excited to share our learning experience and hope it will inspire others to undergo a journey like ours in the stem field!

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"Welcome To 1757"


Hello, this is the promote award online challenge for 1757A! This is our first time doing any online challenge and we wanted to show that robotics is much more than just the competition and technology, and rather the human interaction and caring community that supports it. While the members of our team are constantly learning and developing our skills for the future, the effect that our tight-knit group has is immeasurable. Many have come to our program from bad home lives with no educational plan and have ended up going to college for majors like engineering because of VEX and our...