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So Happy Together!


Entry ID #: 206
Created: Fri, Feb 11, 2011 11:52 AM

This video is the participation of the team Eniac Challenger, 7011, in the VEX Robotics Design Challenge 2011 - Team Promotional Vídeo. The video proposes is to show how the VEX changed the life of high school students and teached them to be so happy together!


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   user4751 on 02/27/2011

valew magon! vc é o cara!! =)

   user4751 on 02/27/2011

hey team, our video is great! The work that we did show we are engaged and we can say that there are few people who can make a equal video. So you don't need to worry about the offensive comments, they just do it because our video is strong enough for them to they feel threatened. All people of the school, college, friends and family are with you and they are voting in our entry. Go ahead team!!! Mentors and Teachers - Eniac Challengers

   user4751 on 02/23/2011

Sorry roboFuture, but if you say that is because you didn't see that our video shows how the students learn about robotics in our VEX's team (Why don't you look from the 17 seconds of video?) how they improve their skills with the help of the mentors and teachers (54 seconds) how the students become more professional while they are in the team (20, 28 and 58) and, above all this, how they do everything with love and happyness (all the vídeo)! If you think that this is not a VEX's team this is because you NEVER participated in a TRUE VEX'S TEAM!

   sparksgirl on 02/12/2011

This is so cute guys! I love it! Great job and good luck! :)