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Created: Sun, Feb 13, 2011 11:44 PM

There comes a time in every student's education. When they realize that they've started something amazing . . . something challenging . . . something fun . . . something that's going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. For me, that moment was when i joined Wolfpack Robotics. I'm learning thing with Vex Robotics that i wouldn't have learned anywhere else. I'm taking theoretical knowledge and putting it to use in real life. I take something that's just an idea in my head, and i make it a reality. I create a robot that's unique and all my own design - no one else will make exactly the same robot. And then I get to see how my design stacks up against others. I love the excitement of a Vex Robotics Competition. I have to strategize how to defeat my opponents, but I also have to cooperate with my alliance partners. And I have to do it all in next to no time. When i'm not at competitions, I'm working on improving my robot and sharing my skills with others. Ii've been to competitions all over Northern California, and I've gone as far as Texas to compete at the World Championship. I'm going to be an engineer one day, and i know i'll be a better engineer because I was part of a Vex Robotics team.


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