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The Tales Of Eight Heroines and Their Robotics Mission


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Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 10:41 AM

We are 2602 G-GOATs (Greatest Girls Of All Time) from Hopkinton High School (Hopkinetics Club), MA. We're one of the first all-girl teams at our school, and this is our story. 

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   piepie on 01/19/2020

go yiming!! :)

   dokianish on 01/19/2020

Nice job guys!

   janipinky82 on 01/19/2020

Good Job tanisha n team. All the best

   tikoosameer on 01/18/2020

Great job Tanisha & team..We are proud of you. Good Luck!

   dixithardik on 01/18/2020

Great going. All the best.

   JinalShah on 01/18/2020

Great Work!!

   parthivshah on 01/18/2020

Great Job Tanisha n Team. Wish You All the Best.

   Bhalchandra on 01/18/2020

Wow, Tanisha. Feeling great to see your team working on new edge technology. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST

   BhartiJani on 01/18/2020

Nice Work.

   manhar.jani on 01/18/2020


   satyashrees on 01/17/2020

This is awesome! Keep up the good work!

   dipeshpbhatt on 01/17/2020

Nice work Keep it up

   sarvjit on 01/17/2020

This is the best robotics group I have seen. They are amazing!

   Katrin on 01/17/2020

Fantastic! So impressed by what you're doing!

   gurleen1 on 01/17/2020

Wow, nice job girls!

   lakshmi.prudhivi on 01/16/2020

All the best my girls ❤️ Go G-GOATs!

   sruthikollapalli on 01/16/2020

Nice presentation

   vinay007m on 01/16/2020


   sheabbe30 on 01/15/2020

A great presentation!

   mzolotareva on 01/15/2020

Awesomeeeee! So proud of you guys :) Go Team G!

   fxdyjy on 01/15/2020

Your girls rocks. Go girls!

   RoboDude2000 on 01/15/2020

It was absolutely amazing and I loved the story line you went off of. Hope you win!