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PinkBots by RoboHawks


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Created: Mon, Jan 6, 2020 6:47 PM

                       Pink Bots                            by Tanvi, Parneet, Nyah and Sophia   Hi, we are from California, where there is equal opportunity for both girls and boys. Our parents come from different backgrounds and parts of the world where girls’ future is sometimes decided by her parents. One should always be able to pursue their own dreams and decisions!! That is Girl Power, a more inclusive environment for both girls and boys. STEM now gives girls an equal opportunity to excel in areas which were always thought were only for boys. Girls have the same brains as boys, so an equal opportunity would mean more innovative/creative ideas being presented to the same work. VEX Robotics is playing a big role in making this happen. There is stereotyping of gender like pink for girls and blue for boys!! And that’s how our robot name came up “Pink Bots”       Girl Powered means coming together to accomplish the tasks and communicate openly with each other. This is reflected in our team’s approach to robotics because we all accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is also reflected in our team’s approach by making our notebook very neat and clear, using colors to make our design visually understandable. We can put our thoughts in a more organized order, which helps to make/build our robot in a systematic manner. Diversity in perspective helps us improve our robot design, team chemistry and approach problem from different views and come up with a solution that works best. Diversity of opinions is actually a strength rather than a weakness. For example, when our Robot design didn’t have room to attach brain, we built a platform off of the lift so our brain can be attached and easily accessed. Although this solved one problem but caused the lift to lean forward creating an unstable robot. One member brought it to attention and quickly enough we took her suggestion and built support bands which kept the lift straight.   Ability to succeed comes from diversity. We all had different ideas but the same purpose, to build a successful robot!! Each of our team members have tested numerous positions on our team. For example, we each have practiced driving to conclude who would be our main drivers. Some of us were quickly able to manipulate the robot, and others were not as successful. Certain work like note booking we all participated making the entries equally as all of us were good at it. Also, we each designed our ideal robot, came up with strategy to earn points at the beginning, and then we collaborated our designs and came together to create our complete robot. Every member has expertise in various areas, so we made sure that they would be able to play to their strengths to give us the best possible outcome in our robotics season.   Our STEM role model would be robotics coach, Mrs. Chung. She is an amazing person and she has a strong dedication for robotics. She inspires us by teaching us leadership skills, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. She helps us find answers without interfering too much and make us believe we all have capabilities to achieve anything that we put our heads to. She always cheered and remains positive during matches. She always makes learning fun.   Robotics has helped us in problem solving, being appreciative of each other’s weaknesses and strengths, learn and develop new skills, approach kids of all levels, bring confidence and respect each other and always have passion in what we do.     Thank you VEX TEAM!!          

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