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Stronger Together - The Journey of 1715X, A Girl Powered Robotics Team


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Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 9:34 PM

Girl power is such an immense term that cannot be defined in a dictionary. Why? If you asked twenty ladies what it meant to them, you’d get twenty answers. A woman of wisdom might tell you that it’s one’s strength and confidence through sexism. An activist might say it means empowering females around the world, and an athlete might express her joy of winning despite the many who tried to put her down. To us, it’s a combination of all these qualities. It means females persevering with diligence and dedication. Females proving they shouldn’t be underestimated, for they have as much to give to the STEM world as men. Who are we? We, like our STEM role models Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, Sally Ride, and countless other girls, have endless effort and persistence. We are girls who will make it to the top, despite the many hurdles on the way to the finish line. Girls who will ensure our voice is heard. We are female Robo Hillers, fueled by Girl Power and proving our mission. We are 1715X, undaunted by any obstacle in our path. Most importantly, we hope that our story sparks inspiration for girls to work hard and pursue their dreams. Just know that we believe and support you all the way through.                                                                                          ~ 1715X

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   tzaidi on 01/19/2020

Fantastic !!! Best wishes for the team.

   bhartirshukla on 01/19/2020

Best wishes for the team..

   Fatimaahtisham on 01/19/2020

All the best

   somiasen on 01/18/2020

You girls are an inspiration to all the younger generation of Tech enthusiasts. You make Robotics look cool! Thats true Girl Power. Best Wishes to you.

   sajeevsnair.kottayam on 01/18/2020

Best wishes for the team

   Kavitha on 01/18/2020

Great job!! Fantastic team work! All the best wishes!

   Kavit on 01/18/2020

It’s very inspiring to see young girls combine the STEM education skills of creativity, invention, engineering and team collaboration. Best of luck!

   anujtripathi on 01/18/2020

Very inspiring story and lot of hard work put in by everyone. Great job, girls. Keep up the good work.