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Hinged Panels


Entry ID #: 7027
Created: Mon, Jan 6, 2020 1:29 PM

In the attached you will find the design for a 2x2 panel that has provisions that allow them to be used as a hinge.  These can be connected to other panels in order to allow the panel to used by more than just a 90 degree angle.   By connecting these in groups, strength for the connection is increased.  This is similar to how a piano hinge works. The holes for the connector pins are serrated in order to provide extra holding power. To connect the two halves together, a regular metal or plastic shaft (such as used when building with gears and wheels) would connect the halfs together, held in place by rubber shaft collars or similar. This was created using Tinkercad by Aden Foulk.  His bio is at: Enjoy!

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   jspaceaspace on 01/14/2020

Great engineering work here! Utilizing common, easy-to get components in a new way is awesome.

   boydsfoulk on 01/14/2020

Simplistic design, well thought out, uses existing parts to tie the two pieces together. Strong joint! Has tons of uses! Great Job!