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6083C 3D Piece Entry


Entry ID #: 7088
Created: Wed, Jan 8, 2020 11:37 AM

Carlos Miranda 12/9/19 Vex IQ Piece Design 2020 Challenge   This piece is a cube that will be able to connect to other pieces from all sides of the cube. It is made up of 6 4x4 plates and 150 connector pins. It can be used to sturdily connect an arm to the front of a drivetrain, or just going crazy connecting arms at all angles with a drivetrain on the bottom. The possibilities are nearly endless. This piece was created with Tinkercad. The piece was made by converting stp files of connecter pins and plates into stl files. Then they were imported to Tinkercad connected together. I learned that 3d printing can be used to create not just pieces for robots, but for other things too. These include construction pieces, to maybe even foods such as pizza in the future. I will most likely use 3d printing in the future. It will aid me as a mechanical engineer, improving society step by step, idea by idea. This will also help me if I am in a competitive robotics team to attach wheels to a drivetrain, a brain to a drivetrain, or an arm to the robot.


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