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6083B 3D Piece Entry


Entry ID #: 7089
Created: Wed, Jan 8, 2020 11:39 AM

Corner Beams and/or Plates We are improving the issue of needing to constantly connect pieces to cover more platforms, make bases, or adding too many pieces to arms and other functions on the robot.   The new piece could be used for a base, as it is sturdier than simply connections of multiple small corner connectors to several beams or plates.It also makes the building process easier, since it reduces the amount of connections made to the robot. Less pieces would be used, so less material would be wasted. It gives more space to connect more pieces to the plate.   We used Tinkercad to create the piece. We used parts of regular beams and plates and connected them at the edges of the plate to make a 90 degree angle. Then made the connection blend into the pieces. There are several sizes of this piece for variety in building.   After creating the piece and analyzing how it would work for making a robot, we learned to use 3D Software, discovered the possible problems on creators have while making a robot, and learned the difficulties of creating, quite literally, any good piece. We will use 3D software in the future to create more pieces, and make useful objects we, or other people, could possibly use in the real world. The software helps know how the pieces work when we look at how they can connect, and can help with analyzing the designs of pieces. It will help in our career path depending on our chosen careers, but it certainly can be a productive hobby.


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   boydsfoulk on 01/14/2020

This does solve a problem the students face quite often!