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Slip Gear


Entry ID #: 7284
Created: Fri, Jan 10, 2020 3:52 PM

We created our part because in the VEX IQ world there is no way to release the manipulator/lift from the motors to allow it to open/close quickly without taking up valuable button space. Our part could be used to slam down a lift to turn a cube over or to quickly close a manipulator if you want to slowly release a cube or ball. We used Fusion 360 version 2.0.6613 to create our part. At first we were having trouble because we could not load in the VEX IQ gear model. We attempted making our own gear, but could not find accurate measurements of the vex gears. Another problem we had was that even with extensive googling we could not find a way to make gears. Our solution to the models not loading was us researching the error and finding a different way to load the model into Fusion 360. After the model was loaded we flattened out the sides of the gear and filled in some of the peg/random holes. We then removed about one third of the teeth from one section of the gear. Making the slip gear I learned many things that ended up not being helpful, but did learn enough to make the gear. I may use these skills in the future to design parts for whatever field of engineering I go into.


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