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2X3 U Piece


Entry ID #: 7479
Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 8:15 PM

Sometimes, you’ll be building a robot, but then you run into an issue. You have two bars that need to go through the same spot, but they can’t intersect. The solution? The 2X3 U piece. Used for all your intersecting needs. If you have two bars on their sides and have them going in two different directions, but they intersect, you can use the 2X3 U piece to make one bar go over the other.  I used a complex array of hole pieces in tinkercad to carve the shape into the piece that I wanted. What I learned this year is how to use tinkercad a lot more efficiently. I may use 3D design software in the future just to experiment. A competitive robotics team could use 3D design software to create custom tools to help with building. Learning how to use this software may help me on my career path If I get a job as a 3D designer.


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