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Piston Attachment for Motor


Entry ID #: 7493
Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 8:48 PM

This part was created because of our robot’s claw design needing a straight movement forward and backward to allow it to close properly. This part simplifies the confusion of creating linear motion using a motor.

This part would be connected to a motor via the attached axle and connection holes, then as the motor spins, the connection point moves in a way that restricts it from moving side to side.

This part was created in Inventor 2020 by creating each individual piece in separate .ipt part files which were later put together in an assembly file.

From this project, I learned many different tools in Inventor, from joints and constrains within assemblies, to simply learning how to navigate Inventor’s ribbon and panels. I will definitely use 3D design software in the future for various 3D printing projects or planning before building something by hand. This software helps develop and test ideas before physically building them to allow for a general idea of how a robot could work. Learning 3D design software will help in my career path because it is important for engineers to communicate and plan their designs before building them.


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