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Winch for a Continuous Elevator Lift


Entry ID #: 7834
Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 11:56 AM

The winch part that we have CADed on Autodesk Inventor 360 will be used to help the robot go higher from a lower starting position using a continuous elevator lift. In previous challenges, where there was no height limit, this is a part we wished to have. The winch has a  hole for a string to go through on one side. When a string is secured there and the winch turns, the string is pulled. The string will also be fitted with a pulley system that has two or more 30mm pulleys with the string wrapping around them and then connecting to a claw. Both sides of the winch have the exact measurements and structure as the 30mm pulley so that they fit VEX IQ measurements and can fit with axles.


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