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Square Standoff Connector


Entry ID #: 7229
Created: Fri, Jan 10, 2020 9:43 AM

We have a problem that we cannot connect axles to pins or standoffs. We designed our connector to have a circular hole to hold pins and standoffs, but on the other side a square hole for axles. We can put it on our claw to hold our safety bar in place. That is not our main idea, but it would work. We could also use it on our wheels, to add more control to our driving. We used Tinkercad to design our custom part. We had to measure a 1x1 connector pin, which was very hard because of the size of the pin. We also had to measure a standoff connector and a plastic shaft. After we had the measurements, we worked with a very small space to design our square standoff connector. We used the latest version of Tinkercad as of 01/06/2020. What we learned from this project is that you need to work hard for even simple things. Our team members will maybe use 3D design in the future for their job, or most likely for fun. The 3D design software doesn’t help us much as a team. We can’t use it much it our design process.

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