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Snap-In License Plate Holder


Entry ID #: 7494
Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 8:49 PM

Intro I created the Snap-In License Plate Holder because my team wanted to more efficiently switch out license plates between matches and be able to keep all 4 plates together on the robot. The new part allows us to quickly switch between colors and we no longer have to carry the spare plates between matches.   Design           The Snap-In License Plate Holder was designed using Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017, 64-Bit Edition, Build: 142, Release: 2017 RTM. It was made so it could easily be attached to many parts of the robot and hold even hold the plates upside down. The holder has countersunk bolt holes in the bottom so it can be attached to the robot without the bolts interfering with the plates. There is also a small wall on the back of the holder that helps to obscure the plate that isn’t in use, and it provides more bolt holes so the holder can be attached from a different position, such as a support beam on the side of the robot. The holder has various flanges on it that help to hold the plate in place securely, but also act as handles. There are also slight cutouts near the corners of the overall profile that allow the holder to flex a little as the plates are snapped into place. In addition to those, there are large sections of flat faces cut out so that the holders can be 3d printed using less material. At the top of the holder is a pair of triangular extrusions that fit in the cut-out ridges on the side of the license plates in order to keep a secure hold on the plates, but also allow them to be pulled out.   Conclusion This project helped me learn how to design parts based around sets of dimensions and criteria, and taught me how to change a design based on the performance of its preceding prototypes. I will continue using 3d design software in the future because it makes it possible to create the plans for any object for any use for many jobs, or for a 3d printing hobby or business. 3d design software helps with a competitive robotics team because it can be used to design and plan out new mechanisms before they have been built so that you can test their geometry and functionality. I am planning on entering an engineering career so 3d design software will be beneficial for me to know so that I will be better job candidate than people who do not already know how to use a CAD software.


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