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VEX Screw / Spacer Sizing Aid


Entry ID #: 7663
Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 9:16 AM

A problem many beginners in VEX face is being able to tell the difference between different screw and spacer sizes. It is frustrating to pick up a screw or spacer only to realize it is too big or too small for what you are building. As the team becomes more experienced in building, this problem usually occurs less, but it is still a big hurdle to overcome when first starting out. VEX is not only for future engineers or scientists, it’s for every student who wants to become better at problem solving. Getting stuck in little technicalities such as this one can demotivate new participants from continuing. In order to help solve this problem, our team came up with a tool to help competitors easily distinguish between different screw and spacer sizes.

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