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Screw/Helical Gears for VEX Robotics


Entry ID #: 7691
Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 10:10 AM

One of the least developed areas in current VEX robotics is nonlinear power transfer. Many new opportunities and mechanisms would be possible with updated and modern solutions to transfer power between axes. Currently, products exist such as the worm gear and bevel gears; however, these are often unreliable and difficult to utilize. From experience with bevel gears, one shaft is often left under supported due to the size of the gears and the inability to intersect axles and they are difficult to keep meshed correctly. As for worm gears, there is not much design freedom, as it is often a very slow gear ratio and power can only be transmitted efficiently from one direction. As a solution to these issues, I have designed for VEX an efficient and elegant real world solution: helical gears (also known as screw gears). Please see attached files for details.

Links / Videos

Promotional video for screw/helical gears designed for the 2020 Autodesk CAD Challenge.


   asabeeic on 01/17/2020

Very cool design and definitely unique from the earlier entry in that the emphasis is on perpendicular power transfer. At the same time, it provides additional strength. Video is nicely done!!!

   charliezed on 01/16/2020

Awesome design! I could really use this on my personal robot. @jmak Although that design is similar, if I am not mistaken that specific gear was designed and utilized for a different purpose as shown by the tooth angle. The 2016 design seems to be helical gears made for more improved strength, and this one is a screw gear to transfer power in multiple axes (I really like your video by the way!)

   jmak on 01/16/2020

I think I have seen this before.