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Matthew's DIY autonomous drone

Entry ID #: 7855
Created: Sat, May 30, 2020 8:49 PM

Hi! I'm Matthew from New Zealand. I'm 16 years old and do VRC with my school club (team 2908). When I saw this competition I was quite keen on entering, but didn't have a RAD drone, or in fact any programable drone. Instead, I decided to make my 'dumb' Syma X5C able to fly itself. I accomplish this by using a Kinect depth camera to track the drone, several PID loops to determine the necessary power to apply to each control axis, then an arduino and NRF24L01 radio to send the commands to the drone, mimicking the handset. The drone can then fly along a sequence of predefined points by itself. After all, what's more creative than creating your own autonomous drone?


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Links / Videos

This is the video I made to explain how the system works

This page hosts the code I used in the project, and a slightly more technical explanation than the video.