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FTW (For the Win) Robotics promotes STEM education through our drone program & competition. As we work together to get back to "normal" life as quickly as possible, For the Win Robotics is providing a series of online lessons and activities for students during this time of social distancing and online learning to do at home. We've created a Fundamentals of Flight activity for students aged 12-18 to introduce them to the history of flight, general aviation and the world of drones. If you have students or children that are interested in aviation this is the course for you! All of our lessons are provided in PPT format and can be downloaded directly from our website. FTW - Fundamentals of Flight - Lessons: History of Flight  Airfoils (Why Planes Need Wings) Forces of Flight Airspace & Weather Patterns  Drones & Multicopters  Calculating Flight Distances with Vectors 


RAD Stay-At-Home Challenge 2020 Sponsored by For the Win Robotics

REC Foundation Aerial Drones (RAD) and For the Win Robotics have a stay-at-home challenge for all of the students out there who are currently at home and want to show off their RAD drone programming skills. We want to see your skills in action in an exciting video that combines technical skills with creativity. Have fun and be creative! This is an individual (non-team) challenge,

*All social distancing guidelines should be followed*


Grade Level Requirements
Elementary School Middle School High School College / University No Grade Level Restrictions
Program Requirements
Aerial Drone Competition VEX IQ Robotics Competition VEX V5 Robotics Competition


  • Anafi Drone ($699.99 Value)
  • 2nd: $250 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd: $100 Amazon Gift Card


  • Entrant grade range: Middle school and high school


  • Video should have a short introduction and explanation/overview of your concept at the beginning
  • Video should be filmed in a relatively small, indoor space (this is a quarantined challenge!)
  • Use of props, homemade obstacles, and creativity is encouraged!
  • Programming is the only method of moving the drone that is allowed. The drone must be 100% autonomous.
  • Youth team members need to create and produce the video as well as write the code. It is acceptable for adults to help with the technical aspects of creating and submitting the video, and adults are encouraged to assist in completing any task that would be difficult or inappropriate for youth in this age group.
  • Post the video link directly to this online challenge site during the submission process. Links to Google Drive or Dropbox are not permitted and will result in disqualification.
  • Your video must be posted to YouTube, SchoolTube, Youku, or an equivalent platform.
  • Please note: you must use music in the public domain or else the platform may delete your video.
  • Code used in the video must be shared via a public link to Github, Workbench, or an equivalent platform.
  • The video should be no more than 3 minutes in length

Judging Information


  • Was the video posted correctly to YouTube, etc.
  • Was the code posted correctly to Github, etc.
  • Was the video 3 minutes or less in length
  • Did the video have an introduction and concept explanation
  • Did the code submitted match the video concept (was the drone controlled autonomously)


  • Was the concept unique and engaging
  • Did the drone successfully accomplish the concept
  • Creativity
  • Was the code well written
  • Presentation quality

Deadline Information

Current time:
Mon, May 20, 2024 2:03 AM CDT


Mon, May 4, 2020 9:00 AM CDT


Sun, May 31, 2020 5:00 AM CDT