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Cristian Corral RAD Indoor Challenge

Entry ID #: 7849
Created: Mon, May 11, 2020 4:59 PM

Video Challange for Quarentine RAD Challange 2020 100% Autonomous Coded on WorkBench   The RAD Stay-At-Home Video Challenge has inspired creativity and productivity at home while being quarantined due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the spirit of cheerfulness and love my presentation is for all the mothers out there having to be kept away from their children and loved ones or are having to spend Mother's Day alone. The autonomous code is a tribute to the mother’s day celebration and has the drone run a program that spells out “MOM”. The video is not the quality that I'd like but my materials and instruments are limited because all of my cameras and workspace are at school. In spite of that I hope the video is to your liking and i'd like to say thank you to REC Foundation for organizing this event and allowing all participants not only a creative outlet but a way to keep entertained during these tough time that we are all going through.       Thank You, Please Enjoy                   ------Cristian Corral


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Links / Videos

The Code is also explained into detail in the video with a written out sheet of paper, along with a drawn explanation as well.

On YouTube for easy access and viewing.


   Cristiancorral on 05/26/2020

The final submission is in and ready for getting judged.

   Cristiancorral on 05/11/2020

Video and Code are to be added soon. Thank you, ----Cristian