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RAD Stay-At-Home Challenge

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Created: Fri, May 22, 2020 7:46 PM

Coded on Google Workbench This was my first time on google workbench. In the fails you will see like 9, I picked out some of the worst ones, and most of my attempts were not recorded, starting from the very first take off block ending to the landing. The reason why I did not use a landing block is because everytime I try to use it it will not land. It will just hover there. Hello, my name is Evan, and I am from Indiana, and am 13 and I am going into 8th grade. Today I am going to talk about my RAD stay at home project. For my RAD project I wanted to be able to deliver a dog treat to my dog Marty. My concept was when Marty rings a bell the drone would deliver him a treat. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for making this challenge! Also good luck to everyone else that entered!!! All together I had a great time, and would love to do it again! The most fun, and yet frustrating part was that I broke 2 prop guards and 3 props. I had a few extra props, and have a second mambo so I took some replacemant guards off that mambo. It is all about trial and error, and you have to be pacient. My original plan was to have it fly back in the kitchen but after many attempts, I decided to record one just landing in the dining room as my backup just incase I would be unable to complete the task, and run out of time. If you already watched my video then you would know I was unable to get it to land where it took off, and I am very disapointed that I ran out of time. I just got my 2 mambos a few days ago just for this challenge, and I am having tons of fun with them. Although I am used to camera drones such as a phantom or mavic from DJI this was a fun change. I hope to participate in more RAD competitions to come and may make a team with my friend Nick, and compete. This year I will be going into 8th grade, and I have been on a Vex IQ team for 3 years, and instead of going on my schools team this year I bought a kit and Me and my friend Nick are going to compete on our own team.  Once again I would like to thank you guys for giving us something to do during quaritine!


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   EvanF on 05/31/2020

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