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VEX IQ STEM Career Readiness Online Challenge Sponsored by The REC Foundation

Nearly 2.5 million STEM careers are going unfilled. Career readiness is one of the unsung skills that teams involved in VEX Robotics programs will adapt through their participation on a competitive robotics team. Career exploration is a vital component in developing a skill set. In this STEM Careers Online Challenge, you will be asked to explore a specific career within a STEM field and create an exciting and engaging presentation about your chosen career.

Things to keep in mind for a successful submission:

  • What STEM career appeals to you most?
  • Share how your involvement in competitive robotics is preparing you for this field.
  • Share required skills or fields of study that persons working within this career gained/studied to allow them to be successful.
  • How do you believe this career field will evolve over the next ten years?
  • Is there a well-known person working within this field? How has this person inspired you to learn more about this career path? What do they attribute to their success?

We want compelling, engaging, and well-researched insight into the growing field of STEM careers available to students using their skills learned in competitive robotics. There are many paths that you can take to becoming a STEM leader, which will you choose?