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Entry ID #: 8036
Created: Thu, Oct 29, 2020 8:23 PM

Spacecraft designing Team: 9007X Within Aerospace Engineering, many fields combine to make our space travel and discoveries possible. One specific career from this path is Spacecraft Designing. As the name suggests, spacecraft designing is a career-related to designing various forms of spacecraft, including rovers, satellites, rockets, and much more. In general, a spacecraft is any type of machine or vehicle that operates in space. Many different types of them, made for many different purposes, are explained further in the text. There are also many companies involved in this, such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Space-X, and independent teams. For the past century, this career has played a significant role in our space discoveries and achievements, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in aeronautics. Since the Apollo 11 mission and even before, spacecraft design has been a foundational part of our space explorations and will continue to be decades to come. After decades of evolution, this career continues to push. STEM forward and fuel our desire to gain knowledge and explore. The document attached provides the comprehensive research we have completed as a team   

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