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VEX IQ STEM Career Readiness Online Challenge Sponsored by The REC Foundation

Nearly 2.5 million STEM careers are going unfilled. Career readiness is one of the unsung skills that teams involved in VEX Robotics programs will adapt through their participation on a competitive robotics team. Career exploration is a vital component in developing a skill set. In this STEM Careers Online Challenge, you will be asked to explore a specific career within a STEM field and create an exciting and engaging presentation about your chosen career.

Things to keep in mind for a successful submission:

  • What STEM career appeals to you most?
  • Share how your involvement in competitive robotics is preparing you for this field.
  • Share required skills or fields of study that persons working within this career gained/studied to allow them to be successful.
  • How do you believe this career field will evolve over the next ten years?
  • Is there a well-known person working within this field? How has this person inspired you to learn more about this career path? What do they attribute to their success?

We want compelling, engaging, and well-researched insight into the growing field of STEM careers available to students using their skills learned in competitive robotics. There are many paths that you can take to becoming a STEM leader, which will you choose?



10142A Is Ready For The Next Day!

10142 Green Tigers

Peter Corke is team 10142A's inpiration for a career as a robotics engineer. They enjoy learning about STEM while doing competitive robotics!

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Career Readiness Mechanical Engineer


This entry was written by two 8th grade students that are really passionate about Mechanical Engineering.

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Computer Science


Computer science is one of the most important jobs yet, there still need more people to fill up the missing spaces. The job can be done by anyone with the right skills. Computer Science is an exciting and constantly evolving field with virtually unlimited growth. This is why we want to focus on it in our presentation. 

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STEM: Biomedical Engineers


This submission was written by Team 5081F. It was written to acknowledge the new and upcoming field of Biomedical Engineering.

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My Stem Choice: Surgeon


This is a entry by team 5081E

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Electrical Engineer


My project explains the career that appeals to me the most which is an electrical engineer. I explain why I chose this career and my inspiration. 

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STEM Career Readiness Challenge VEX IQ


This presentation was created by everyone on the team RoboTech 2700A as an entry for the STEM Career Readiness Online Challenge. 

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Career Readiness: What STEM Career Do You Want to...


My presentation is about my chosen career. I want to be an Aerospace Engineer. My career choice is going against what my family expects. Most of my family work in the medical field and it is expected that I do the same. My love for Aerospace is not allowing me to do so. Hope  you enjoy my presentation!

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Biomedical Engineering


Out of the many types of STEM careers I could’ve chosen, biomedical engineering sticks out to me most. I’ve always enjoyed science and working in robotics and knowing that I have the possibility to pursue working in this type of professional field when I’m older is exciting. I find it intriguing and I’m ecstatic to be given the opportunity to be working on this essay to do research and learn more about biomedical studies and the many talented people working in this work field. Biomedical engineering is a job that requires a lot of...


Robotics in Healthcare




This year the entire world experienced an epidemic that...


Civil Engineering


Hi, we're 47C With Fire! For this online challenge, we chose to dive deeper into the STEM field of civil engineering. Civil engineering is a career that is needed more than ever with the developing world and is game-changing in that it can make a direct impact on the entire planet's future! We learned so much from this online challenge, such as how there's a wide plethora of career branches within engineering including geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and environmental engineering. We hope you enjoy reading our challenge as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank...


Mechanical Engineering Career




In my opinion, Mechanical engineering is interesting...


Medical Scientists at Work


The world we live in today is in great need of more doctors, scientists, and epidemiologists. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a shortage of available medical aid. The local hospitals and clinics are overcrowded with patients, and the outbreaks continue to worsen as the pandemic continues. While Covid-19 -more commonly called Coronavirus- sweeps the across the world, medical scientists are working day and night to find a cure. They conduct research to improve human health overall. They help to build the foundation to produce new vaccines, drugs, and treatments to new diseases...


STEM Forensic Science Technician


For our STEM research challenge, we decided to research a forensic science technician. a forensic science technician is a person who analyzes and collects data that was from a crime scene. 

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Videogame Developer


Step into the world of a videogame developer!

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Why can't you trust an atom? Because, they make everything up!

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Rocket Engineer


Prepare to blast off when you see this presentation!

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2550F - Technical Writer


With new tech developed everyday, someone has to write about it!

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Career Readiness: A Future In Software...


A discussion of a career path in software engineering.

Aurora Kennedy, Ellison Milanowski and Nathan Krupa are currently seventh grade students at Leo Jr. High School. This is Nathan and Aurora's fifth year and Ellison's first year in VEX IQ Robotics, and second in the Middle School Division. They comprise team 141A with the Leo Elementary/Leo Jr. Sr. High program. This online challenge allowed them to research their career path  choice.

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Electrical Engineer


This entry was written by Karen Adeluyi, a fifth-grader who aspires to become an electrical engineer. This submission describes what an electrical engineer does and the steps to becoming one.

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VEX IQ STEM Career Readiness Online Challenge -...


A presentation on my dream career... Aerospace Engineering! 

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