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315V Programming Skills using Symmetry, Sensors, Physics, and Functional Programming

Entry ID #: 8044
Created: Fri, Oct 30, 2020 1:30 AM

We are very excited to present our programming skills that achieves a score of 106 points!

In this video, we will explain how we came up with our current route which utilizes symmetry through repeated patterns. We coded these patterns using functional programming so we could reuse the code and debug easier. We also explain the key navigation features that take advantage of sensors that allows us to visit all the goals accurately. Some of these features include continuous error correction based on the inertial sensor, detection of white lines using line trackers, distance control using encoders, and time control using software timers.

Additionally, we present some key hardware features that work with the software navigation to ensure accurate navigation.

Our team also discusses how we plan to improve on our skills by creating even more reliable routes, adding blue ball ejection, and further improvements to our basic GyroStraight and GyroTurn building blocks. Finally, we end the video with our PS106 run.

The code can be found here

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This video is team 315V's submission to the VEX Annotated Programming Skills Online Challenge. In the video, we discuss how we came up with the route for the skills, and explain how we coded it. We then discuss the sensors, software and hardware features that enabled the robot to navigate through the field quickly and accurately. We also demo some future work we are doing, and the last minute shows the actual run. So in case you just want to see the run, please go to the last minute. Note, we are still 3-4 seconds over, but we can reduce that easily.