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Vortex Electra 2021 Programming Skills Challenge

Entry ID #: 8099
Created: Fri, Oct 30, 2020 4:36 PM

Indicating the reasons (tasks) of the mechanical additions used in autonomous. In this part, a close-up video of the robot will be placed and an audio recording will be added to the back. • Motion Engines: Written autonomous codes and autonomous strategy enable the robot to move forward, backward, right or left. • Graper: The balls which picked up by the graper thrown into the basket by passing trough the lower, middle and upper engine. • Lower, middle and upper engine: The balls received by the Graper are thrown into the Crucible by passing through the lower, middle and upper engines respectively. • Sensor(Vision Sensor): It calculates angles and differentiates seven dissimilar colours. This sensor follows the objects(balls) and finds its midpoint. It helps to pick the object(ball) into the robot easily.

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Vortex Electra Programming Skills Challenge Video, on Vortex Robotics Official Acoount!


   FeritS on 12/12/2020

Good luck. You got this.