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Created: Fri, Sep 18, 2020 1:03 PM

AMC Robotics was founded in August 2020. We are a dedicated group of students passionate about STEM and excited to build great things this year.  Accel Middle college is a highschool on a community college campus, and is the result of a collaboration between Evergreen Valley Highschool and Evergreen Valley College


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AMC Robotics was founded in August 2020 at Accel Middle College, a small high school program with only about sixty juniors and seniors based on the Evergreen Valley Community College campus. Given the Coronavirus pandemic and no nearby events, we are only participating in two Vex Online Challenges: Dell Website and TI Electronics. We are working hard to stand out from the crowd, coding our website completely from scratch on Github for Dell. This teaches our members the fundamentals of problem solving with online resources on their own. Examples include creating CSS animations, using JS to keep the nav bar on the screen, and implementing responsive shadows in cards. For TI, we are diving deep into a specific component, the iPhone 6s home button assembly and its features. We are doing all of this on a $150 budget to pay for our registration. By these means we hope to raise enough money to start building a robot in 2021 when events are available in the Bay Area.