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Created: Fri, Dec 4, 2020 12:45 AM

Exothermic Robotics is one of the oldest Vex Robotics clubs in the world, and we are honored to show off our unique history, current progress, as well as future plans through this website. In every page, every picture, and every detail, we hope to share the story of Exothermic Robotics with the community and promote our club, Vex Robotics, and STEM to the world. We also highlighted our sponsors, advisors, and mentors throughout the years; without them Exo would never have been at the place we are now. Ever since we typed the first line of code in December 2019, we have been continuously renewing our content. In comparison to last year, we have: Updated our dropdown menus for both PC and mobile versions of the website. Added animations to make our website more dynamic Organized the tabs so information can more easily be found And much more! (Check out the website tab of our website for a comprehensive list) We did not use any templates to build our website. The website is made entirely using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jekyll, liquid, and YAML. This allows for fast loading time despite the many pages we have. Our website is created and managed by the students in our club, and it serves as the official website for Exothermic Robotics. Esther Liu, the main creator of the website as well as our entire club worked tirelessly to ensure we are putting out accurate, up to date, and high-quality information for anyone hoping to learn more about the program. This year, we chose to make some design changes to the website to create a clearer and easier-to-use layout. As compared to our previous transparent, less user-friendly header, which often required multiple clicks to get to one part of the site, our new header has more dropdowns, allowing users to quickly navigate to the desired pages.


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