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VEX Robotics Competition Team Website Challenge Sponsored by Dell

We are proud to again offer you this website challenge sponsored by Dell. Participants will see some things different this season, especially as it applies to this challenge. One of the most prominent changes you see that first place does not include an invitation to VEX Worlds 2021. But, the great news for that is there are many other challenges that can still get a team to Worlds if they choose to enter many. What you WILL see shortly are additional prizes to this challenge that includes many DELL products. We are finalizing those. The second change is that this challenge is no longer available for VEX IQ Challenge participants. We are offering a few additional challenges for your VEX IQ Challenge students to enter and hopefully as we move to planning next season, we may look into re-adding it.


Your program’s website is very important for making a good first impression as it often is the first contact that people have. Therefore, the website affects the overall image and reputation of your program which can lead to increased recognition.

Design – The website should have an appealing, welcoming layout that is easy to read and navigate. Create an impression of excellence that exemplifies the program culture.

Up to Date – Ensure that the site is current and revised regularly.

In this challenge, your team will develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program – VEX Robotics Competition or VEX U team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your programs are.

You are encouraged to promote all the STEM activities in which your robotics program participates (VRC, BEST, Botball, FIRST, TSA, PLTW, SKILLS USA, SKILLS Canada, underwater robotics, workshops, camps, math competitions, bridge building, solar-powered cars, etc.).

Your website should include recognition for sponsors, teachers, and mentors.

Questions to consider before submitting your website:

  • How well does the website tell the story of the program?
  • Does it provide information for outsiders wanting to learn about your program?
  • Is the website attractive and easy to navigate and does it have a unified design?
  • Does the website have a clear, easy-to-use layout, good structure, and consistent use of colors, menus, and imagery?
  • Does it include outreach activities, who you are, where you are, what you have done, and future plans?



Revelation Robotics Website


Revelation Robotics Website

We are very proud to share our website with you.  Please take some time to look around at all of the great things our team is doing and, if you are in high school in Northern KY, consider joining our team!


We've developed this website with Visual Studio line by line using CSS, HTML, Javascript, and Jquery.  Each line of code has been carefully considered in an attempt to make the site very easy...


Seaquam Robotics Website!


Seaquam Robotics is a multi-team robotics program based in British Columbia, Canada. With this website, we hope to spread some information about who we are as a program, as well as some tips to newer organizations who are just getting started. 


What is unique about our website?

  • Each team has their page which showcases their team's members and their past awards/history.
  • We have a detailed account of each year our organization competed in VEX Robotics.
  • Our website has extensive resources for helping our fellow...
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2381 Organization Website


2381 Kernel Bye Robotics is a high school VEX robotics club run at Colonel By Secondary School in Ottawa, Canada.

Our website, located at, was created to serve as an information repository for our robotics club and to provide valuable knowledge about VEX Robotics for newer members.

The website was programmed from scratch, with the following development stack used for production:

Frontend: React.js, Bootstrap, Styled-Components

Backend: Next.js, Node.js

Development: Vercel, TypeScript,...