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VEX Robotics Competition Team Website Challenge Sponsored by Dell

We are proud to again offer you this website challenge sponsored by Dell. Participants will see some things different this season, especially as it applies to this challenge. One of the most prominent changes you see that first place does not include an invitation to VEX Worlds 2021. But, the great news for that is there are many other challenges that can still get a team to Worlds if they choose to enter many. What you WILL see shortly are additional prizes to this challenge that includes many DELL products. We are finalizing those. The second change is that this challenge is no longer available for VEX IQ Challenge participants. We are offering a few additional challenges for your VEX IQ Challenge students to enter and hopefully as we move to planning next season, we may look into re-adding it.


Your program’s website is very important for making a good first impression as it often is the first contact that people have. Therefore, the website affects the overall image and reputation of your program which can lead to increased recognition.

Design – The website should have an appealing, welcoming layout that is easy to read and navigate. Create an impression of excellence that exemplifies the program culture.

Up to Date – Ensure that the site is current and revised regularly.

In this challenge, your team will develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program – VEX Robotics Competition or VEX U team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your programs are.

You are encouraged to promote all the STEM activities in which your robotics program participates (VRC, BEST, Botball, FIRST, TSA, PLTW, SKILLS USA, SKILLS Canada, underwater robotics, workshops, camps, math competitions, bridge building, solar-powered cars, etc.).

Your website should include recognition for sponsors, teachers, and mentors.

Questions to consider before submitting your website:

  • How well does the website tell the story of the program?
  • Does it provide information for outsiders wanting to learn about your program?
  • Is the website attractive and easy to navigate and does it have a unified design?
  • Does the website have a clear, easy-to-use layout, good structure, and consistent use of colors, menus, and imagery?
  • Does it include outreach activities, who you are, where you are, what you have done, and future plans?



Revelation Robotics Website


Revelation Robotics Website

We are very proud to share our website with you.  Please take some time to look around at all of the great things our team is doing and, if you are in high school in Northern KY, consider joining our team!


We've developed this website with Visual Studio line by line using CSS, HTML, Javascript, and Jquery.  Each line of code has been carefully considered in an attempt to make the site very easy...


AMC Robotics Website


AMC Robotics was founded in August 2020. We are a dedicated group of students passionate about STEM and excited to build great things this year. 

Accel Middle college is a highschool on a community college campus, and is the result of a collaboration between Evergreen Valley Highschool and Evergreen Valley College

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Team 8931R Website Challenge


Team 8931R is excited to present the website for Lake Stevens Robotics club, which showcases our club's impressive response to COVID-19 and the resources given to students during a socially distanced school year. Lake Stevens Robotics has given us and hundreds of other students a safe and welcoming place to continue our STEM education since 2012, and we are proud to say our website reflects that. 

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Bison Bot Website


This website is for the Vista Peak Prep Bison from Aurora, CO.  We are a 2nd year team that has built our program from the ground up.  We have spent the last year fundraising and seeking sponsors and we are happy to offer a huge thanks to Northrup Grumman for donating Vex V5 equipment this year.  We would also like to thank Dell for holding this online competition so we can show how far our team has come in 1 year.  

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JPII S.H.I.E.L.D Robotics


JPII S.H.I.E.L.D Robotics is in its 4th year competing with VEX robotics. We have grown from 2 HS teams to 3 HS teams as well  2 MS IQ teams. This website is created and maintained by student, O. Sullivan, who has been responsible for developing and maintaining the site for nearly four years, and is built with a standard combination of HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP on a standard hosting platform. The site includes hundreds of lines of code across a number of individual pages, the primary content of which includes dozens of pictures of competitions, past and present, to showcase John Paul II...

3018 TechnaPWN Robotics Website Entry


This is the Website Challenge entry for TechnaPWN Robotics. This is our 12th season as an organization and we have two competitive high school teams. TechnaPWN was started to give homeschoolers a chance to be involved in robotics and learn about STEM and teamwork.

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Mulholland Middle School STEAM Robotics Magnet


Mulholland Middle School STEAM Robotics Magnet is a middle school in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. The school was the first and only STEAM Robotics The staff is remarkable and work together as a cohesive group to design cross curricular project based learning for its students. The school encourages community service within its school and in the community. Mulholland Middle School is home to several schools: STEAM Robotics Magnet, Police Academy, SAS, and Cascaders.

The website was created by team members using Google Slides and links within the...

IBSH Robotics Club/Team Website


IBSH is a Billingual School in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. 

We are a rookie team started in September 2020, and Believe we can bring more STEAM and Robotics education into our school and later into our local area of Hsinchu Science Park. 

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2381 Organization Website


2381 Kernel Bye Robotics is a high school VEX robotics club run at Colonel By Secondary School in Ottawa, Canada.

Our website, located at, was created to serve as an information repository for our robotics club and to provide valuable knowledge about VEX Robotics for newer members.

The website was programmed from scratch, with the following development stack used for production:

Frontend: React.js, Bootstrap, Styled-Components

Backend: Next.js, Node.js

Development: Vercel, TypeScript,...


Robotics Aero C


This website was made by Axel Roy and Lauren Lambert. They worked hard to make this website and hope you enjoy it!

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MTHS VEX Robotics is a STEM club at Mountlake Terrace High School. This year will be our third year competing in VEX VRC Robotics competitions. We have 7 students that have been coding this website and helping with visuals and ideas for the last two weeks. We coded our website on GitHub using HTML, CSS, and Javascript with no templates. Across our entire, we have thousands of lines of code and about 500 individual commits (edits). Our website showcases a number of descriptions and photos of the competitions we’ve competed in and teams in our club.

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Cougar Tech Robotics Website


Hello, we are team 5968A Cougar Tech from Kea'au High School, and this is our website entry.  We are located in a small town on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Our club's mission is to promote our passion of robotics to students to help cultivate a life-long interest in STEM.

This website was created by current members Jessica, Crystal, and Nicholas using Google Sites.  The purpose of this website is to inform others about who we are and what we do, showcase the work that our club does, and advertise our club to the community and prospective...

Exothermic Robotics Website


Exothermic Robotics is one of the oldest Vex Robotics clubs in the world, and we are honored to show off our unique history, current progress, as well as future plans through this website. In every page, every picture, and every detail, we hope to share the story of Exothermic Robotics with the community and promote our club, Vex Robotics, and STEM to the world. We also highlighted our sponsors, advisors, and mentors throughout the years; without them Exo would never have been at the place we are now.

Ever since we typed the first line of code in December 2019, we have been...

Vortex Electra Website


Hi, we are the team, Vortex Electra! In this website, we tried to reflect our team with all aspects, during the processing time. This website made by Electra Students, Yavuz and Ethem. This website made with html+css+js on Atom and Studio Code. This website is made from blank, not used any template.

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Engineering Tech Club


Greetings! We are the Engineering Tech Club and our school is Elgin community college located in Elgin Illinois. Our website reflects the past few years that we have been active as well as what we are currently doing, however we are a relativly new club at our school and are looking foreward to competing in more Vex compethtions in the future!

Website Link:

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Pembots Website


The official Pembot Robotics website.

Built on React.JS it's super speedy, it uses client side routing, prerendering, button-hover rendering and is built on the global fastest content delivery network (CDN).

Unlike some of the competition, our site is completely hand coded with zero templated or copied assets.

Visit the site at

* This site is still in beta so be warned as there may be bugs.

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We are participating in VEX Robotics Competition Team Website Challenge as ITU ETA Foundation Samsun Doğa College Science and Technology High School Vortex Neowise Team. By better promoting ourselves at global, we have opened our work to the use of other teams. In this way, we gained new experiences in HTML coding language and got to know different web design applications and infrastructures.

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PUPR Vex Team Website


Our Team PUPR Vex Robotics is composed by a diverse group of students from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. We have students from different branches of engineering such as mechanical, computer, electrical and chemical engineering. We are very passionate engineering students that love robotics and learning something new every day about STEM. Our main goal as a team is to complete and exceed our expectation for our designs and programs, achieving a top position or, even better, winning. We invite you to go through our website to...


1028 Robotics Website Online Challenge

1028Z Robotics

1028Z is excited to enter in this online challenge! Here is our website. 



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Teams 62880


This is our first ever team website for both teams!

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1008B- The Queen B's


This website was created by one of the Queen B's.

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