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Seaquam Robotics Website!


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Created: Sun, Dec 6, 2020 9:47 PM

Seaquam Robotics is a multi-team robotics program based in British Columbia, Canada. With this website, we hope to spread some information about who we are as a program, as well as some tips to newer organizations who are just getting started.    What is unique about our website? Each team has their page which showcases their team's members and their past awards/history. We have a detailed account of each year our organization competed in VEX Robotics. Our website has extensive resources for helping our fellow teams/organizations. This includes tips for coding, building and also the documentation of a design process. We hope you find something helpful!   Tech Specs: This website was created completely from scratch; No Templates were used. Our website is completely responsive, working on any modern device.  Works on all modern browsers. Coding Languages Used: HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery. Extensive GitHub Repository showing our 200+ commits. Live Data pulled from the VEX Database dynamically integrated into our awards section, as well as on each team's page.    Links to both the website and GitHub can be found below.


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Links / Videos

This link will lead you to our website, which was created by members of Seaquam Robotics by hand.

Here is all of our code, including our over 200 commits, all in one Github repository.


   n0thing on 12/15/2020

Very cool website! I love the dark theme very much!

   6ixtimes5ive on 12/15/2020

A job well done you all!

   Superæ„Ÿ on 12/15/2020

The layout and design are quite appealing during my first visit. It is also well organized! I was able to navigate around with ease.