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Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 10:39 AM

We are the Laguna Robotics Team, and this is our website entry. This website was created entirely by students at Laguna Blanca school in Santa Barbara, California. Our goal for this website is to show people our projects, school, team, teachers, mentors, and learning environments. As a central hub for all of our team's information, we wanted it to be comprehensive and visually pleasing, and tried to stay concise while still giving a good overview of our team and program. The website was created in Wix, and we decided to avoid an HTML submission, even though many of the team members were fluent. We believed that the website would retain more longevity if more people were able to edit and revise it in the future. We hope that this website will continue on in later years, and be utilized as a tool for our team and others later down the line; we want our program to grow. Incredible thanks and gratitude for all of the teachers, mentors, and students outside of the program (and in it) who put in so much work in to make the Laguna Robotics Team what it is today.


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This is the combination of all of our programs, and the culmination and compilation of the inner workings of the Laguna Robotics Team.