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Ridgely Middle Robotics Website


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Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 4:37 PM

Ridgely Middle School is located in Baltimore County, Maryland. This website will inform you about our mentors, teams, accomplishments, and our story. RMS Robotics consists of both VRC and IQ teams. Ridgley robotics is a great learning place for all new members! All teams are successful and have had new opportunities. This website was created by five robotics members who used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.    


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Ridgley Robotics is a great place for learning about programming, designing, and building robots! It doesn't matter if new members have no experience because all teams have many opportunities to learn and gain experience so that they can be successful. 24528A is a team made up of 5 members. We all worked together to make an appealing website and met up independently many times to improve the design and code of our website.