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Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 8:18 PM How the website was made In summary, the website was programmed using React and Typscript, and is deployed on Firebase. Some important libraries involved in the production of this website include Material-UI, Webpack, and React-Router. It was made by a VEX student, and coded without a template. For more information and specifics, please visit the README in github link provided on the footer of the site as well as below this text: About Us Millburn robotics is a legacy organization. We have been participating in the VEX Robotics competitions for over four years. Using advice passed down from alumni, as the years have progressed, we have slowley developed into a strong fighting force in the VEX community. We are excited to compete and this year and future years, and we hope that through our website you are able to take away a glimpse of the team spirit and dedication that makes Millburn Robotics special.


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