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ACPO VEX Robotics Website Challenge Entry


Entry ID #: 8830
Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 10:22 PM

The ACPO VEX Robotics middle school team is proud to present its website. We designed and coded this website with HTML and CSS. We used the Bootstrap framework to make sure the website was responsive on all devices and screen sizes. Our website is hosted on Amazon Web Services. It includes our teams, achievements, robots, competitions, and instructors. Currently, our team has no sponsors therefore we did not mention them on our website.  The terminology used in our code (paste link in a new tab if the link does not work):   Github Repository: GitHub Repository for Code Website link: Our Website  Thank you for hosting this challenge because it gave us an opportunity to learn something new during the quarantine.  


There is nothing here.

Links / Videos

Here is our Github Repository to view our code (once you click here click acpovexrobotics and from there you can choose index which is the home page, about, and competitions:

The explanation of the basic terminology used in our website code.