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Charging Station


8931F Firewall
Entry ID #: 7947
Created: Tue, Oct 6, 2020 3:44 PM

VRC High School Team 8931F Vbots Firewall - Lake Stevens High School, Lake Stevens, Washingtion, USA Final Report, Technical Drawings, and Presentation Notes The Final Report is in the "Charging Station Final Report.pdf" file in the file section. The Technical Drawings is the "Charging Station Drawing Sheet 1-2.pdf" file in the file section.The Presentation is in the "Charging Station Presentation.pdf" file in the file section. 3D Printing Note The 3D printed Charging Station my team used was printed on our School's Stratasys F120 3D Printer. The Charging Station is being made out of ABS Plastic Material, with soluble support material. This support materials was dissolved away in an acid bath to get the final print. CAD Files and Measurements Note The CAD Files were use to find measurements and the best placement for the V5 Controller, and V5 Battery. The CAD Files were downloaded from the VEX Robotics website (V5 Controller, V5 Battery). We measure the V5 Battery Charger Cord and a Micro USB Cord using a Dial Caliper.

Links / Videos

This is our team's (8931F) entry for the "Make it Real Online CAD Engineering Challenge". This video highlights the features that this charging station brings. Please Vote.