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Ratcheting Sprocket


Entry ID #: 7990
Created: Sat, Oct 24, 2020 3:22 PM

My final report is a PDF document. I am not sure it went through, so I will also leave a copy of the report here. This is not my final submission, as my final one is uploaded directly. I am in the VRC High School Division.   Ratchets are an important part of robotics: they allow you to have multiple mechanisms run by a single motor. This has become increasingly important over the years with a smaller motor limit of eight being implemented. What I set out to do was to create an easy-to-implement ratchet for teams to use on their robot. I did this by combining a ratchet with an already well-used part: the sprocket. The sprocket is used commonly to link two different mechanisms together, which is also a ratchet's most common use: to share two mechanisms to the same motor. My new part will allow teams to easily and effectively implement a ratchet into their robot.

Links / Videos

This is a short video showing how we would use the ratcheting sprocket on our robot.

This is another short video of the ratcheting sprocket in action.

This video is a close up of the ratcheting sprocket working on our robot.


   23mjscheaffer on 12/10/2020

I like that you've made a compact rachet that integrates well with existing vex parts. Nice job!

   ianbrueggeman on 12/10/2020

Thanks for your kind words!

   Kado on 12/09/2020

I really like this. Good job ianbrueggeman. I feel this could be very helpful with a lot of robots not only now, but in the future as well. I see it is also seems pretty easy and would be cheap for VEX to make and distribute. It is overall a great part and I can't wait to see all the robots with it installed.