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17814C Weston : Ball Bearing Flat


Entry ID #: 8296
Created: Wed, Dec 2, 2020 2:36 PM

Our part proposal for the “Autodesk Make It Real Challenge” is called the Ball Bearing Flat. This part would replace the bearing flat for situations where low friction is necessary for the robot to succeed. Last season, we found ourselves needing a part that could allow for minimal friction on the drive shaft, so we came up with the Ball Bearing Flat, a bearing flat that uses ball bearings to increase the efficiency and lifespan of a drive shaft by replacing the traditional bearing flat with a bearing flat that has a ball bearing embedded into it. To design our part, we used the up to date version of TinkerCAD. We chose this due to its accessibility, and ease to pick up the design. During this project, our team learned how to better use TinkerCAD and design software in general for creating parts. Going forward, we would like to transition more into Inventer and Fusion360. Currently, we are using Fusion360 to design and test our robot design for VEX Change-Up. Overall we find our experience with CAD and 3D modeling to be positive and are excited to continue to learn important aspects of engineering. Team Members: Ben Doolittle, Davis Evans, Atticus Kaplan, Brett Martin TinkerCad Public Link


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Link to the TinkerCad Version of the part.