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CAD 3-D Part Challenge


Entry ID #: 8337
Created: Thu, Dec 3, 2020 1:15 PM

I created this part as a solution to our issues with building support for our bot while keeping it as lightweight as possible. Having a standoff which spans across 2 dimensions allows us to connect our most unstable parts with each other instead of having to add more heavy solutions, such as additional c-channel. In Fusion 360 (version 2.0.9035), the design process was simple. I simply measured out the dimensions of a regular standoff and replicated the diameter of the threading and outer layer of the standoff, and then I aligned the axes in order to place the second standoff securely in the first at a right angle. The experience I gained from this project could help with modeling out new robot ideas in the future, and I may need to become familiar with a software such as this in order to 3-D model certain projects in the future.


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