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Make It Real CAD: Shaft Adapter


Entry ID #: 8436
Created: Sat, Dec 5, 2020 6:35 PM

This shaft adapter was created on Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020, which is meant to securely connect regular shafts to other high strength shafts. This provides engineers with more options to utilize sensors, driven mechanisms, etc when using high strenght shafts. For example, teams can now measure the rotation of a high strength shaft driven systems using potentiometers without any difficulty. Hope everyone likes this CAD Online Challenge.   

Links / Videos

This link leads to a YouTube animation video from Inventor 2020 64-Bit Edition. We created this video in order to test and see if our part could realistically function. Especially during COVID 19 we are unable to 3D print our part and then test it so this animation was our solution to check our part's functionality. In the video you can see that our part successfully connected a high strength shaft and a regular shaft together which allowed the regular shaft to be able to be used with a high strength shaft part. In this video you are also able to see that a reduced and normal side of a high strength clamping shaft collar was easily/effectively able to secure the two shafts that theoretically would be used in the robot. Hope you enjoy this demonstration of our part!!!