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License Plate Holder


Entry ID #: 8479
Created: Sun, Dec 6, 2020 2:22 PM

Introduction:  My team decided to create a license plate holder. Throughout the year, we always run into an issue of where our license plates will go and how they can be easily switched between the blue and red sides. We know this is a problem that many other teams encounter and we wanted to offer a cheap and good-looking solution.      Purpose: This part serves the purpose of holding license plates in a way that allows them to be easily switched in a tournament. To explain further, a red license plate could be screwed into a blue license plate, so that they are on top of each other. Then, one would be able to insert the license plate inside of the holder and be able to swap the color at their liking.   Design: The creation of this part was very simple. We used the sketch tools, line, circle, and rectangle features of Autodesk Inventor to create the basic shape. We then used the extrusion feature in order to create space where the license plate would sit.   Conclusion: Utilizing Autodesk Inventor, we were able to learn the basics of the extrusion, line, and rectangle tools to create our license plate holder. Inventor has been something we have always tried to incorporate into our design process, and now that we have experience utilizing it, we can use the skills we learned anywhere, from school to even future jobs.