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New Half-Circle Gusset


Entry ID #: 8670
Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 3:57 PM

We created this gusset because the gussets provided in the robotics kit are not effective. They are very flimsy and are not stable. For example, one hit from another results in pieces falling off the robot, and sometimes, C channels will get loose, which deteriorates the foundation of our robot. Our gussets have holes at 0 degrees, 30 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees on both sides with the 90-degree hole being shared. These gussets will be more cost-effective because we won't have to buy different gussets for each angle. How it is used The part can be used at various angles to connect different parts such as c-channels to make designing and stability easier. Since it is bigger, it provides more stability between parts, and this allows our robot to withstand hits during the robot game. Using this part is also very efficient for our team because we do not have to worry about ordering gussets and running out. Our gussets do not require that much space, but if we have space problems, we could use a pair of scissors to cut away parts of the gusset we do not need. These gussets are cheap and easy to produce. Explanation of how Fusion 360 was used to design and create our custom gusset for the challenge. We wanted a gusset that would allow for lots of adjustment and still be structurally sound. Using the vast array of tools and features available inside of the Fusion 360 software we believe that we have crafted the best possible version of our product. We used Fusion 360 2.0.9305 for Windows 10. Conclusion What did you learn from this project? Will you use 3D design software in the future? If so, what for? How does this software help you if you are on a competitive robotics team? Will learning 3D design software help you in your career path? If so, how? We learned a lot from this project. We furthered our communication skills due to the lack of in-person meetings due to COVID-19. We also learned how to convey our ideas to one another in ways that everyone can understand. Our criticisms of each other's work were conveyed politely and respectfully to avoid conflict. We will definitely use 3d modeling software in the future to help us in our day to day lives, whether it be planning a room or modeling parts to be 3d printed we will use 3d modeling software to help. This software helps us to get our robot ideas across to each other because we can use the downloadable model package from VEX to design and bring our robot into the virtual space. 3D modeling software skills will help me in my potential career path. I want to grow up and get my mechanical engineering degree and follow the field for work someday. The skills I develop now will help me to be the best engineer I can be by allowing me to learn almost a second language of sorts with general knowledge of the software.        

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This video explains our reasoning behind our design and why we chose to do certain things.