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9393B Rockbots Corner Piece


Entry ID #: 8760
Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 8:06 PM

9393B Rockbots Corner Piece The piece that we created is a type of piece corner piece. However, this corner piece instead of just connecting 2 pieces to make a corner, is just one whole piece. Using this type of piece can save the number of pieces used in a robot and the less pieces there are, the lighter the robot gets making the robot a bit faster. You might be thinking, what’s saving one piece and a few screws going to do? Well, a single corner piece by itself does not make the robot too much faster, but an entire robot has a lot of corners.  This piece was made using a software program called “Tinkercad” Version 1.5. This program allows you to make and form different shapes in whatever way you want to. The first thing weI did was make 2 cube shapes and turn them into rectangles which were fused together, after that, we simply made a bunch of cylinders as holes to place the screws in and done! The outcome for the work put on it was amazing. What we learned from this experience was that it doesn’t matter how simple it is, as long as you have something you want to do and try your best to do it, the result will be just great. 

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