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Improved Rubber Band Intake Roller


Entry ID #: 8855
Created: Mon, Dec 7, 2020 11:16 PM

Teams in competing in VEX robotics commonly use sprockets as part of a rubber band intake or indexer system for spherical objects. Games such as Change Up are well suited to these designs We set out to create a dedicated part that offers a number of advantages over the traditional sprocket system: Cleaner, stronger rubber band mounting: The rubber bands fit perfectly into the slots of this part, making them less likely to slip or come off Tough but low profile: The c-channel mounting is stronger than the typical standoff supports while occupying less space  Screw joint supported: Just like newer VEX sprockets and gears, the part can take either a metal insert for a driven shaft or a plastic insert for a screw joint Low maintenance: With rubber bands locked in position, and a mounting system designed not loosen easily over time, the intake minimizes maintenance time in competition See files for the complete report

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